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>node< - New Orientations for Democracy in Europe
3. Round of Applications


Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, Department of Social Sciences


The research program >node< has targeted the European integration process by means of scientific study and analysis. The Democracy as a principle rule of the development of the EU political system is a leading analytical dimension of the >node< research. There are main tasks concerning the realization of the modern democracy in the EU as well as the possible supporters of the European democratic process here. This research program should analyze the political developments, processes and controlling mechanisms as well as their alternatives and thus the possibilities to further development of the democracy in the EU.


The applications can be submitted on 3 following topics: 1) "Fragmented Democracy" and representation of interests. 2) European democracy in a global context. 3) New social and cultural sticking points of the European democracies.
The funded projects have been selected in a double level selection procedure.



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