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e-Government has become an integer part of the modernization of administration. Less qualified activities should be made automatic to free the resources for important content-oriented processes. Digital tender supports these goals.

The web-based processing of tenders provides the funding authority with the following multiple profits:

  • Efficient Administration: The administration of tenders will be simplified and accelerated through the optimization and automation of the working processes.
  • Higher Quality of Data: The data input through thirds and copying as an error source will be excluded thanks to completely digitalized processing without media breach.
  • Review at a glance: The data can be shown in a real-time mode and the assessment can be done more quick thanks to the digital data entry.
  • High Level of Data Security: The encoded data transfer guarantees the high level of data security. There is a possibility of integration of new technologies such as a digital signature into the tender process too.
  • Greater Flexibility: The virtual access for all authorized user groups allows the greater flexibility especially during the selection of assessors.
  • Always state-of-the-art: The permanent inventions both in the area of information technology, data security and the process optimization will be permanently implemented into the digital tender. The state-of-the-art of all solutions will be thus guaranteed.
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