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Web-based Tender Management

digital tender stands for a professional processing of continuous and platform-neutral online tenders:

  • The complete tender – submitting of proposals, assessment, administration – will be done without media breach.
  • The application „digital tender“ can be used on all standard browsers and operating systems without any additional extension.

Digital tender as an instrument supporting innovative administration procedures targets the public sector as well as program management responsible for processing of tenders and calls.

The high transparency of processes, the improved workflow efficiency, the optimization and automation of the procedure as well as the user- friendly operation are the advantages of the digital tender. The improvement of the efficiency and the service quality of the administration are in line with the intention of the e-Government Initiative.

Due to the fulfilment of the criteria for WAI as well as Style Guide-Conformity the digital tender has been awarded the right to use the Austrian e-Government Quality Seal since January 2005.

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