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Standard Solutions

Having a great number of online tenders successfully processed digital tender can use a set of modules be individually combined for your special framework conditions.

The characteristic feature of the standard solution is the use of already developed functuions and/or forms leaving only the adopting of texts/content to be done. The functions of the application can be slightly adopted only to this model.
The special modules can be easily developed though to meet the specific requirements. There is a possibility of combining it with a standard module.

Examples of standard solutions:

  • Single Level Tender Procedure
    The picture shows a model of a Single Level Tender Procedure. The applicants submit only ONCE their proposal to be assessed. The funding authority will draw the decision on the basis of this assessment.

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  • Double Level Tender Procedure
    You can see the Double Level Tender Procedure here. The core of the procedure is a double level application submitted. The applications will be assessed by nonpartisan jury. These assessments are the basis for application approval made by the funding authority.

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To get an idea on the application, you can test the Demo.

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