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Individual Solutions

Should you plan to initiate a pilot project or use further services the processing of your tender concerned, we offer you our professional solutions and complete services even for complex tasks.

There is a great need of flexibility and customizing of application because of differences in the tender process and assessing methods as well as taking into account the specific tender conditions.

The requirements based on tender conditions could be coped to a certain grade thanks to “intelligent” form minimizing thus the submitting efforts. One example: only SMEs are eligible to submit their proposals. Provided the applicant is not a SME, the complete form will not be provided at all.

All needed data of applicant for funding will be compiled in an electronic form.

The projects/project descriptions will be either uploaded as a file or filled in the electronic forms. Should the applications be limited in size, there are two solutions used:

  1. The format requirements will be defined and obligatory prescribed for upload files.
  2. There is a possibility of exact characters’ counting in an electronic form.

To format long texts in electronic forms there is an Open Source text editor integrated into the application.

We offer further the statistic assessment of the data, preparing of Power Point presentations as well as the online documentation of the proposal submitting.

We readily take over the organisation of events concerning your funding programs.

To get the idea of the application, you can test the Demo.

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