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Digital tender offers a professional realization of online tenders as a complete solution and consists of all services needed for a successful realization of tenders.

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There are various key services based on consideration of individual requirements and framework conditions of the customers:

Consulting and Process Development:

The most suitable tender process will be developed and implemented in cooperation with the customer as well as according to individual requirements and framework conditions:

Single or multi-level submitting process, assessment and selection procedure, assessment methods, services for various user groups etc.

The task of digital tender is to adopt the web applications to existing and proven processes. The flexibility is a keyword for application supporting the administration. digital tender thus is NOT a standard software for internal processes to be adopted to.

A concept of both website and application will be drawn according to the definition of web-supported processes.

The whole service will become visible primarily through the proven web applications.

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Technical Mapping of Processes:

digital tender offers a proven web application being successful during a number of tenders already. A year-long experience and an appropriate approach to the feedback of customers and users – both applicants and assessors – makes digital tender an utmost user friendly application.

The design of the application can be easily adopted to the CI guidelines of existing website.

The application is technically always up to date. The technological inventions as well as the latest developments concerning e-Government are steadily implemented by a committed technical team. Digital signature for elctronic forms is already a part of our offer.

There are following requirements to the web application:

  • The implementation of complex processes as a transparent and easy-to-use application.
  • Platform-neutrality: the application can be used with all standard browsers and operating systems.
  • Purpose-oriented solution: sometimes there is no use of being implemented.


There is a multi-level regular support in parallel with every tender process:

The individual service for user of the tender platform is a key success factor for a smooth tender process contributing a lot to a high acceptance of digital procedure.

The website will be adopted in its content to the actual level of the process. There will be an administration of user logins, and the “active” user groups (applicants, international experts and assessors) will be serviced.

The data security is guaranteed by regular backups. The data will be permanently exported into the standard software and then submitted to customer for evaluation and storage.

Technical Infrastructure:

Digital tender offers a powerful technical infrastructure for the secured data transfer (SSL connection). Both the reservation of domains and the processing of tender over the existing domains will be offered too.

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